bag·man (băg’mәn) n., pl. –men (mĭn). 1. Slang.

dishonest official; a person who collects, carries, or distributes illegal payoff money.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Killer Review from The Dowser!

Check it out! Joe Bonadonna gave TALES OF THE BAGMAN a very nice review. He even talked about characterization and all that stuff some people don't get. He also says I know old Chicago better than he does which is a pile of crap because I met Joe at Windy City Pulpfest and in five minutes he was talking about stuff I knew nothing about.

Joe is the author of MAD SHADOWS. A fantastic pulp involving a supernatural detective in another world, who uses a dowsing rod to solve his problems. But, remember in the old westerns where the guy would walk around holding that forked stick to find a well underground? Well, now it finds a lot more, and a whole lot of trouble. Review forthcoming, I guess.

All I have to say is thanks.

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