bag·man (băg’mәn) n., pl. –men (mĭn). 1. Slang.

dishonest official; a person who collects, carries, or distributes illegal payoff money.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Secret Agent X Vol. 2 Re-released!

Hey, Gang! Secret Agent X Vol 2,  has just been re-released! This little gem contains my breakout novella "THE GATEWAY MACHINE," where Secret Agent X is forced to face the minions of H. P. Lovecraft's CTHULLU! Four words: "The Pilgrims of Innsmouth." Sean (Dodge Dalton) Ellis has the cover story--and you can't knock the work of Kevin Noel Olsen or G. L. Glick, either! You can get a solid copy of all four stories for only $14.99 here: 

Or a kicking PDF for whatever reader you may have here:

As Sean Ellis might say, saving the world has never been so much fun! Me? I say it takes a hero like Secret Agent X to do it all twice!

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