bag·man (băg’mәn) n., pl. –men (mĭn). 1. Slang.

dishonest official; a person who collects, carries, or distributes illegal payoff money.

Friday, January 14, 2011

More Fun in the New World!

Big plans for 2011, Gang!
I'm currently working on another Dan Fowler: G-Man story. Just coming up with a big "sock finish." If you haven't already read my DFG-Man tale "Harvest of Crime" in Vol 1, shame on you! Click that Airship 27 link (should be just right over here-->)and pick up a copy.

I've been working on a licensed character's short-story for a project with Moonstone you might be familiar with; more will be revealed!

I just signed on to do the story I was born to write, for the good people over at Pro Se Productions. This one features a Black Mask-style gangster tale, heavily-influenced by the works of pulp great Paul Cain, author of Fast One  and Seven Slayers. This should prove to be both challenging, and more fun than I'm probably allowed to have. Of course if I had written the above P. Cain's style it would read: "Signed on for a story, for some Pro Se mugs. A gangster yarn." And that would be it. Regardless, it's going to be great. Like freakin' Shakespeare with machine guns!

And, finally, the big news: I'm working on a full length BAGMAN novel even as you read this. I've had a few people ask, and I've been plotting this thing out in my head for a year. This one has Mac, Crankshaft, Coco, Hunts, and a whole new cast of deep city denizens. Not to mention The Chicago World's Fair, Belly Dancers, John Dillinger, The Real King of the Theives, a team of Gypsy pickpockets, and, The Bagman's first super villain--even as Mac begins to learn more about his strange new powers and propensity for prediction! .

Yes, 2011 is going to be one big, wild ride! Let's have fun with it!

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